Fitness socks

Do you like an activity and invest a lot of time to be better and better in chosen discipiline? Perfect! But, do not forget about your feet which are crucial during so many excercises. Relax, we will take care of this, because the Isenzo fitness socks are not only pretty but they have everything you need for your feet during your favorite activity: comfort, breathability, protection.

They are flexible and really pleasant to touch solution that does not scrape and it will not be tight. At the same time, however, they provide really good cushioning, and foot stability - a system of additional cuffs on the midfoot and above an ankle that will not allow it to slide down even during the most intense workouts. We were the first to create socks that will keep you active or give you extra motivation to run faster, jump higher and achieve more! Are you ready for Isenzo?

Skarpety sportowe na siłownię, fitness MULTISPORT FITNESS różowe Isenzo
ISENZO Fitness Multisport training socks cotton Evaporator System